The Alabama Supreme Court stepped into Tuesday’s U.S. Senate race between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones on Monday night by blocking a lower state court’s ruling earlier in the day that ordered election officials to take steps to preserve digital images of every ballot cast Tuesday.

The bogus claim that Secretary of State John Merrill and a member of his staff— “do not have authority to make changes to voting machines or to require local officials to do so,” blocked the opportunity to secure a verifiable election.

Chris Sautter, a Washington-based lawyer specializing in election law, betrayed the intent behind the argument when he said it was plainly “disingenuous” and designed to sabotage the necessary steps to ensure the full public record in Tuesday’s election will not be destroyed.

Where is the media? Where is the FBI? Why isn't the integrity of an election result being secured?

If you want grounds for impeaching a Republican President, there it is.

The claim that the Russians are tampering with American elections and the circus act which is supposed to verify that delusion, is making a mockery out of the opportunity to control the dirty tricks that are responsible, not only for the defeat of Al Gore, but also, John Kerry.

If history continues to repeat, the democrats will never win unless they find another Obama -a candidate that is so popular, that the Republicans are not able to steal as many votes as they need to derail a meritorious victory.

The Republicans learned the election 2000 lesson very well. It is not possible for them to win unless they steal, and steal they will.

Why don't all the people who are into their own special exclusive orbits, feminists, black live matters advocates, gays, etc., etc., etc..., band together to fix the only issue that will in fact make a real difference -the integrity of the electoral process.

In the meantime, let me make an obvious forecast; Republican Roy Moore will win, even if more Albamians vote for Democrat Doug Jones.

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Nixon was in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

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